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Recently I acquired an iPAQ 1910 (thanks Tim!) and, in the course of getting it setup, I came across FictionWise. They sell ebooks for Microsoft’s PocketPC Reader software, among many others. The interesting thing about FictionWise is that they routinely provide free ebooks. Many of these are of the SF variety. Additionally, they have quite an extensive SF ebook section, with many new books available (not necessarily cheaper than the dead-tree variety) and many older books. They also sell Asimov’s Science Fiction and Fact and Analog magazines and subscriptions. Big deal right? Well, yes, to me. I can never find either of these two mags at any of the local bookstores (curse you Barnes and Noble!) and many of the Hugo and Nebula nominated short stories and novellas appear in them. The cost is about $4 an issue,or $30 a year. I’ll probably try it out and see what its like to read them on the iPAQ. Of course, nothing beats the feel of the actual magazine, and it also has the pictures, but I’ll take what I can get…

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  1. You can also get free PDA content from AvantGo. For Sci Fi fans they have The Ansible Information subscription. There is also a subscription for scifiweekly (scifi) and Fictionopolis (not scifi) but, for some reason (the curse of John?), they are devoid of all content.

    Also, is you’re looking for older issues of Asimov’s Science Fiction and Fact and Analog, Half Proce Books sells them for $1 each.

  2. Hmm, I knew Half Price Books was good for something. What was it? Hmm. Oh yeah, books for at least half price!

  3. You mean books at MOST half price. BTW, I corrected the previous post, I meant Fictionolpolis, not Fictionwise.

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