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Review – Spy Kids 3D

Rating: 3/5

Yes, Spy Kids 3D: Game Over, is a science fiction film and, since we saw it today, here’s a review. SK3D concerns the evil plans of the Toymaker to capture children’s brains by having them log on to his MMOG, Game Over, and when they reach the end of Level 5, the kids will be trapped in the game. Controlling the kids means controlling the future of the world. Or something like that.

The whole ‘stuck in an online world’ meme has been done before (and what makes SK3D SF) with Tad Williams’ Otherland series beign a better, not to mention much longer, exploration. Now, Spy Kids is aimed at a much younger audience than Otherland, but even so, the movie comes up short.

Short, as in not even 90 mins. long with credits. Short also as in, comes up short in the story deparment. The whole adventure in the online world served no purpose other than to feed the 3D theme. The actual plot is incredibly thin and disjointed. The 3D aspect was rather poor as well. Maybe because I wasn’t sitting in the middle, but rarely did I experience a 3D feel to the movie. Mostly I got a headache from watching a movie through red and blue tinted glasses. There were 2 or 3 scenes which stood out (pun intended) but otherwise, all the in-your-face attempts at 3D just didn’t work.

My kids enjoyed though. They kept talking about how funny it was and how they want to see it again. This is why I gave it 3 stars. That and the fact that downtown Austin, well Congress street, and the Texas Capital made many appearances in the film. If you have kids, preferably younger than 13, then this movie should be entertaining for them. The adults get about 90 mins. to take a nap…

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  1. What, no comment on Satllone’s performance?

  2. Yeah yeah. Stallone obviously had a great time with his part. I think he played the Toymaker well, and was quite funny. Especially the hippie guy.

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