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REVIEW: The Fear of God by B. A. Chepaitis

REVIEW SUMMARY: Mediocre paranormal cop story


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Psi-powered doctor must learn secrets from a cult leader to prevent a worldwide plague


PROS: Dark future and characters; quick read;

CONS: A bit slow at times

BOTTOM LINE: Worthwhile if you read and enjoyed the previous book

The Fear of God is a sequel to the The Fear Principle. In it, Jaguar Addams is a planetoid doctor with psi powers (she?s an empath) assigned to ?cure? the leader of a cult bent on releasing a worldwide plague. To help the cult leader face her fear of God, a virtual reality Heaven is used where Addams can use her empathetic powers to learn how to stop the cult?s followers from releasing the plague. Meanwhile, the psychotic ?father? of the cult is attempting to swindle the cult leader. And, if that weren?t enough, the Feds are scrutinizing the planetoid prison system in an attempt to grab control (and funding) from the satellite prison systems.

There?s a lot going on here, plot-wise. In addition to those mentioned above, there are a couple of relationship bumps that are being worked out between various characters. Still, this essentially distills down into a cop story in space. Actually, since there?s not a whole lot of space-like stuff going on, it?s more of a paranormal cop story.

The futuristic society aspects of the story were the most appealing to me, even though there was not much more here than in the first book. As usual, the bad people are victims of the ?Killing Times?, that period in the recent past when murder was running rampant across the globe, thus spawning the creation of the Planetoid prison systems.

Overall, though, the story moved a bit slowly. Being a quick read helped, however. Not a bad book, but not a great one either. It is worthwhile if you?ve read and enjoyed the first one.

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