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The Princess Blade

The Princess Blade is a live action, kung-fu style samurai adventure film from Japan. I first saw this on the ADV Films website and thought it looked rather interesting. My brother suggested we go see it, so we did. Its playing downtown at the Angelika Theater.

The movie takes place in an unspecified country, and in a nonspecific time in the future. The country is under the control of a tyranical government which is being targetted by a group of terrorists. The heroin, Yuki, belongs to a clan of for hire assasins who used to be the personal guard to royalty, before the monarchy was overthrown.

I was expecting a martial arts, SF action movie with a lot of sword play and Jackie Chan like moves. What I got was something a bit better. The Princess Blade is actually a love story with some martial arts thrown in for good measure. Not what I was expecting, but still surprisingly good. Although I have to say that I probably missed some things in the translation, the movie was subtitled and the actual plot was rather confusing. The actual motives of the main characters chasing Yuki weren’t very well explained and this made the movie a bit confusing.

However, some of the cinematography was outstanding, and the fight sequences were frenetic and sometimes very bloody (but not Ninja Scroll bloody, thank goodness). The music was very good as well. moody and forceful.

I’d give it a 3.25 out of 5. Definately a change of pace from the normal Holywood movie, and much better than the last independent/art file I saw, Orlando…

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