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Interesting New Computer Game

S2 Games | Savage: The Battle for Newerth is a new computer game I just discovered at Gamespot. It looks to be a blend between an RTS and FPS. And, I think, its multiplayer only. Now the cool part is, each side has one guy, the commander, who is in the RTS mode and commands everyone else, in FPS, to go off and do things. Your side gets points for accomplishing tasks and the commander can then allocate those points to the people under him. These points can be spent on armor, weapons or other stuff, like to ability to command other units. Sounds interesting and the very least. And, it looks really good too. And and and, its only $40. And! you can download it over the web and get a CD key as well. A practice more companies should go to as broadband access becomes more prevalent.

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