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And the Darwin Award of the Year goes to…

Surfing Subway Kid…

We need some catch-all category for all my ramblings…

6 Comments on And the Darwin Award of the Year goes to…

  1. How about starting your own blog?

    I’m sorry, I have to do this, from the article:

    “We told him a lot of times to stop once and for all, so he wouldn’t die,” said Green, 15. “But he wanted to show off, he wanted to be popular.” [Ed.- Apparently, dead is better than popular.]

    Relatives called Alvarez a good kid who went by the nickname Little E. to distinguish him from his dad.[Ed.- Now his nickname is ‘Dead’ to distinguish him from his dad…]

    “You couldn’t ask for a better child,” said Tyrone Alvarez [Ed.- Except for the stupid thing.]

    “That’s why I’m so shocked. It sounds so unlike him.”[Ed.- I mean, so unlike him to not move around and all the lying down in boxes. Before, he’d be all over those trains…]

    It looks like New York has problems with kids doing this. Its too bad the shallow end of the gene pool is so wide…

  2. I’ll just try to ramble less; Sorry, didnt mean to hijack the blog for non-scifi musings.

  3. C’mon, guys…isn’t that a little insensitive?

    And, this has absolutley nothing to do with scifi/fantasy/geekdom. Maybe this content is better suited for email?

    What’s next?

    Maybe we could “poke” fun at DeNiro’s prostate cancer? You pokin’ at me?

  4. I said “I’m sorry.” Please don’t take my posting privileges away. I should have emailed it instead. I’m sorry.

  5. A little insensitive? No.

    A lot? Yes.

    What’s the moral?

    Don’t be stupid.

  6. I see you’ve missed the irony of my being insensitive while accusing others of the same. Oh well. Better luck next time.

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