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Here’s Yet Another MMOG

There is a new MMOG (its not really an RPG) that just went live. Its been in the works for about 5 years. Ouch!

So, from what I’ve seen, it looks like a SIMs-like game, and, really, it seems to be pretty much a glorified chat UI. Sure you can do stuff in the game, chat, shop (?!), do stuff with online friends, etc., so There seems to be going for the socialization aspect of online gaming, rather than going with a ‘game’. I guess that could be fun, depending on what kinds of stuff you can do in game, and it better be cooler that what you can do in real life, otherwise, what’s the point?

I did see that two of the activites you can go involve some sort of hover board and a personal rocket backpack. Oh, and there was a dune buggy race too. If these are actually interesting, I don’t know.

On the plus side, signing up now gets you the game for $20 a $5/month charge ($30 and $10 if not a charter member). The special prices look really good, heck the regular prices aren’t too bad either, but I don’t know what all you get with that and I’m not sure what the future development plans are.

From my perspective, There seems to be aiming at the more casual gamer, which is a good thing. More people means more games which means better games, etc. Someone will eventually create the breakout MMO(RP)G, but I’m not sure this one is it. EQ, while successful, isn’t a game that appeals to the masses, and neither is SW Galaxies. Again, I’m not sure what that game would look like. But we’ll hear about it when it happens…

Oh, and they have a free 14 day trial offer.

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  1. I have no life in real life; now, I’m going to have no virtual life either, except I get to pay for it?

    Hmmmm… Maybe I’ll just get another beer…

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