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I’ve been wondering when this would happen

and now it has.Looney Tunes – The Golden Collection is a 4 DVD set with 56! Looney Tunes cartoons. Sweet. This one just hit my wish list. I wonder if Wally World will carry it for $33 too?

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3 Comments on I’ve been wondering when this would happen

  1. Just in time for the new live action/animated feature Looney Toons: Back In Action. I saw the trailer tonight on TV. Shades of Roger Rabbiit, Batman!

    Check out Steve Martin’s wig. Although it lacks Natalie P. (sorry, Peter), it does offer Heather Locklear.

  2. …and audio clips too!

  3. Back in Action looks horrible. Why?

    No Mel Blanc.

    No Carl Stalling.

    No Chuck Jones.

    I don’t care if they’re all dead, they are Looney Tunes. Everything else pales in comparision.

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