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Jumping on the Baen bandwagon

Is the latest Peter David Star Trek book, Stone and Anvil. Why the Baen bandwagon? Because Baen has gone totally nuts with placing CDs in its latest hardcover books with tons o’ stuff on it. David’s book will include a CD-ROM with all 16 previous New Frontier stories, all in eBook format.

Hats off for including the stories, but as for reading on a computer (or PDA) screen, meh….

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2 Comments on Jumping on the Baen bandwagon

  1. Peter is a huge ebook fan . . . had to listen to ebook this and ebook that during lunch today. This sounds like his cup o’ tea. Maybe they have some Natalie Portman ebook’s . . . .

  2. I hope they’re in MS Reader format.

    I think you guys oughta give the NP thing a rest — Kate Beckinsale hotter so give that one a whirl….

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