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POLL: Hottest SciFi/Fantasy Babe NOT of Yesteryear

Go here to vote.

For those who don’t recognize the names, here are their pictures…

By the way, make sure the wife/kids are out of the room before clicking some of these.

Natalie Portman

Kate Beckinsale

Jessica Alba

Eliza Dushku

Jolene Blalock

6 Comments on POLL: Hottest SciFi/Fantasy Babe NOT of Yesteryear

  1. Of course, you could have used the forums to post a poll. Only, using PHPBB, you can’t see who votes for what….

  2. Sorry, I can change the poll setting so that its anonymous. I didnt think we would care who voted for what.

  3. It doesn’t matter.

  4. You are so single.

    Maybe one of them has beekeeping as a hobby?

  5. One can only hope…

  6. FYI, none of the Maxim links will work for me, and the Natalie Protman link returns ‘a server unknown link’. 🙁

    Allan Rosewarne

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