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So I’ve now seen Tron

More times in the last 2 days than I have in the previous 15 years or so. Having kids will do that, but I’m actually surprised that my 7 year old keeps asking to see it. Tron isn’t the fastest movie around, pacing-wise, but he gets into it, especially the light-cycles.

Tron itself is still a decent movie. Having recently played Tron 2.0, I can say that the movie itself isn’t any where near as bright or colorful as the game, but I think the look of the computer world works quite well. Its basically blue/red/gray with very little texturing or complicated models. However, the transfer to DVD could be better as there are several places where the movie tends to get real dark.

Another interesting aspect, at least for computer geeks (you know who you are), is that, since its set in the early 80’s, the plot mirrors the ‘battle’ between the old client/server (the Master Control Program) camp and the up and coming personal computer (sort of represented by Tron) camp. I remember those days somewhat and having worked in an old school ‘glass house’ IT department, I find it intersting to see how everyone in Encom uses dumb terminals to access the mainframe. And the movie is just loaded with 80’s look and feel. Green text monitors, arcades, coin-op games, crappy cars. Its got it all.

But you know, Tron still has a lot of humor in it and it’s still an interesting movie. That fact that I can get both boys to sit still for 90 minutes to watch it is just icing.

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