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This post is right up Pete’s alley

From the Bad Astronomy Bulletin Board. Its got it all. Science fiction, star trek, a poll and babes. Go Pete!

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2 Comments on This post is right up Pete’s alley

  1. Like the true geek that I am, I went right past the names and noticed that they’re using the same forum software that we’re using. How did they get those voting bars to show up like that?

    On the other hand, the lame-o side of me prevents me from figuring out how to vote on that site and since I only really care what y’all think — I would vote that Terry Farrell is hotter than Jeri Ryan.

    If you really care about my reasoning, here it is: While Jeri has the lips that would form the perfect vacuum seal, Terry has that girl-next-door wholesome goodness look to her except I don’t think you would see that from her Hellriser movies.

  2. You have to be registered to vote. The bars show up once you’ve voted. Jeri Ryan was leading last time I looked.

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