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This site is cool!

From Bricks to Bothans is a site dedicated to two things geeky: Star Wars and LEGOs. Check out that sweet Mos Eisley Cantina seet. I love the LEGO Greedo!


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2 Comments on This site is cool!

  1. Check out these happy-go-lucky guys embroiled in a battle to the death in Final Duel II.

    And just when I finally wore out the Episode VI golden-clad Princess Leia fantasy, along comes Lego golden-clad Princess Leia (upper right image). Is it me, or is she really hot?

  2. I think the Princess Leia thing is kinda disturbing John. Scary.

    But I do think Han Solo encased in carbonite is sweet. And you can’t beat a LEGO Jabba!

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