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Too Much Tolkien?

Special Extended Edition Screening Engagements of LotR will be shown in several theaters in advance of The Return of the King‘s opening. But check out that marathon on Dec. 16. Screenings of the extended editions of the first two movies followed by the new movie. My butt hurts just thinking about sitting in a theater for, what, 12 hours? Yikes.

And where the heck is the Regal Cinemas Marquee Stadium 23 anyway?

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3 Comments on Too Much Tolkien?

  1. Hmmm…12 hours of sitting down and doing nothing. Sounds like one of Dan’s typical work weeks.

    Coincidenatlly, it’s similar to one of Dan’s Mom’s work weeks. Except her work week is 80 hours long and she does it on her back and knees.

  2. Yikes!

    Fan mania is a little out of hand.

  3. Get a life!

    Oh, you gotta love the throw away line about offering a new DVD of all 3 movies in 5 to 10 years….

    I ain’t buying.

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