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ARTICLE: Man Arrested Over ‘Spam Rage’

OK, I’m not a proponent of death threats, but does anyone feel a whole lot of sympathy for spammers? Here’s what happens when things get out of control.

The new Anti-Spam Bill comes just in time.

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2 Comments on ARTICLE: Man Arrested Over ‘Spam Rage’

  1. While I wish for nothing short of eternal damnation, flesh-eating bacteria, and gangrene of the genitals for spammers, I find it difficult to have any sympathy for this moron.

    It’s obvious that he’s a total goose! What self-respecting “computer programmer” who is worth a damn would allow his computer to be deluged with so much spam to render it “unusable.” How does one even “accidentally” install a spammer app? Perhaps, he had a penchant for illegal porn but was too weasely to admit it…

    Sympathy? no, but I would like to quote from the immmortal words of Nelson Muntz: Ha Ha! He deserved it and he deserved it more being thrown in jail for it! By the way, did I mention “Ha Ha!”

  2. “Gangrene of the genitals”? Remind me not to get on your bad side.

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