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Clone Wars Cartoon Shorts Online

In case you missed them, and assuming you didn’t want to, the 1st three chapters of the Clone Wars cartoon shorts are available online.

I thought they did a pretty good job of capturing the look, feel, and sounds of the films.

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12 Comments on Clone Wars Cartoon Shorts Online

  1. I saw chapter 3 last night. First, I was wondering when the stormtroopers became colorized. Second, I could definately tell its a Genedy Tartakovsky cartoon. BTW, did you want the link above to point the Great Big Amber Book?

  2. What’s even cooler is you can watch each episode with commentary.

  3. Whoops! Link fixed! Thanks!

    (This comment brought to you by the Exclamation point…!)

  4. You know, after re-reading the title of this post, I think a need to find me a pair of Star Wars Cartoon shorts….

  5. Interesting. Some ideas…

    1. Captions:

  6. Beware! Contains light saber!
  7. Feel the force
  8. If I had a date, I wouldn’t be “Hand Solo”

    2. A “light” side and a “dark” side made up of white and black fabric.

    3. A picture of the new Leet Droid: C-P3N15

  • Does Hand Solo have a Kung Fu Grip?

  • First of all – you two guys talking to each other via this chat board is sad.

    Second – the Clone Wars cartoons are neat – cool idea.

    Third – John posted it to SFSignal, thus confirming him as the leading Star Wars fanboy. No doubt your Star Wars credit card offer will be arriving soon.

  • I bet I know what picture Pete wants on his Star Wars credit card!

    Scott, I’m ignoring the rest of your post. Can you tell?

  • Gah, I couldn’t stop.

    Demented and sad, but social.

    And you post here what, once a month? At least we’re putting the comment section to good use. Besides, you know how it is talking to John on the phone…

  • Excuse me? Who’s the Star Wars fanboy? let’s examine the facts, shall we?

    Scott: Desktop PC exhibits Star Wars wallpaper in glorious 16 million colors on his 21-inch monitor.

    John: Posts flyers around town for worthwhile charities on his personal time.

    Scott: Spends countless hours and dollars on Star Wars video games. Is excited about the upcoming Jedi Knight game.

    John: Not very much into video gaming. Would rather spend his time helping the needy (read: Dan’s mom) and doing charitable deeds (read: Dan’s mom).

    Scott: Receives a snail-mail offer for a credit card addressed to “Star Wars Enthusiast” thus making real his desperate desire to be known worldwide as “Leading FanBoy”. Laments over choice between Darth Vader or Yoda credit card background.

    John: Credit card features cashback bonus to United Way.

    Me the fanboy? Me Darth thinks you project too much.

    And don’t think JP and I won’t be chatting about your “sad” comment, Bucko!

  • Ok people I am ultamate starwars fan I know every thing so if u hav a quetion e mail me and I will answer oh and um.. scott I can tell u r a fan . I appretiate that. lol !

  • :D:D:D:D thanks if u want more links for the hole epeisodes email thank u


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