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For Thanksgiving Next Week

This might go well with stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.

2 Comments on For Thanksgiving Next Week

  1. That is truely disgusting. From the web site:

    “…can be served warm or cold with a full flavor that will meet and will exceed our customer’s expectation.”

    I have to ask what a customer’s expectation for this ‘soda’ would be. I mean, what the heck are they thinking? Did some marketing guy wake up on the couch last Thanksgiving needing a drink, but realizing all the beer is gone, but hey!, I got a bunch of turkey and a juiceman! We could market this! I’ll get a promotion! Woo hoo!

    What’s next? A delectable Douglas Fir/Frankenscense Snapple?


  2. Makes me think of the “Veggie-O” cereal in Daddy Day Care.

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