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I Though I Had No Life…

…until I saw this.

So “there may have been nearly 200 people there …” that have even less of a life than me who were at it for “nearly 3 hours” …and I’m sure that’s not couting their setup time.

They went on to say “There was no loot (we didn’t expect there to be any), our reward was the sense of achievement…” Would that be the achievement of blowing possibly 6 hours (assume a merely 3 hours of setup) for zero loot?? 6 hours times 200 people equals a lot of couch potato-ing! (or is that “potatoe-ing”, where is Dan Quayle when you need him…)

4 Comments on I Though I Had No Life…

  1. Actually, this kind of crap is the end game for EQ. Our guild on Xegony routinely engaged in crap of multiple hours for little or no loot-just to say Venator Sapentig was there.

  2. What’s worse is the Sony slapped these guys down hard, ended their raid claiming a bug. It takes a true addict to be beaten down just to crawl back in.

  3. ACtually, I think its kinda fun just to say “Venator Sapentig “…

  4. Thats what I get for trying to do this on my tablet last nite. Venator Sapentia is the guild I was in on Xegony.

    Either way, there are some folks who spend every night raiding and spending at least that much time without getting loot. I mean think about how much time you played just trying to level… Thats part of my problem with the whole system.

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