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In Fear of Quicksilver

I read another review of Quicksilver (minus the labeled spoiler). This book just has me frightened. I admittedly bought it in a hoopla over Stephenson’s recent Austin appearance. Even though I was unable to go, I wanted in on the group read thing. But after Scott’s recent mid-book impressions and some reviews, I am in serious doubt that I will like it. With the backlog of books I already have, I am already unlikely to persist with books that I feel like I am forcing myself to read; it’s like a chore instead of the entertaining diversion that I am looking for in a book. Still, I would like to give Quicksilver a fair chance. Time will tell.

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2 Comments on In Fear of Quicksilver

  1. We fear that which we do not know….

    Like, in which #@$%#% box is that book in anyway?

  2. Yep, the author is pretty full of himself. But, so far, I’m enjoying the brick, I mean, book.

    And I’ve got to get it done before April, when the next brick comes out…and then there’s September, when the third brick comes out…A whole year devoted to Neal? We’ll see!!!

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