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Jedis invade SW: Glaxies

Not that I troll Star Wars sites or anything, but this tidbit talks about the new Jedi characters in the Star Wars galaxies game.

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3 Comments on Jedis invade SW: Glaxies

  1. You know I am a fanboy, but that tidbit so reads like propaganda. When compared to the overall number of players in the game – jedi can still be considered non-existent. Furthermore, to become one you pretty much need to be a power gamer – I had really high hopes, but after seeing yet another Verant/Sony vision – there is only one action left…

  2. That seems to be the general consensus (I don’t own the game myself). Jedis seem like an unattainable goal, virtually non-existent.

  3. If only we can get the word out, if you can’t be a Jedi, why not be a Jedi-killer? Be a bounty-hunter and really make a name for yourself (in as much as you can in a virtual geek world…)

    But I have to admit, after seeing the hoops to jump thru for Jedi K’nighted-ness, it’s probably simpler to quit the game.

    I’m also reflecting on something Timmay! said the other night, EQ did indeed damaged all of us for all MMORPGs; we will always wonder: will this be a new enjoyable game or will we fall back into the same old EQ drudge?

    Frankly, I’m saddened by the innocence that was so cruelly taken from me by those Sony/Verant fascists.

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