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Matrix Revisited

I finally got to watch the last half hour of the Matrix Reloaded after the fiasco a few weeks ago.

I thought it was excellent! Maybe it was the (almost) second viewing, but I had a blast. This time I was able to look through the pretty (and well done) special effects and focus on the story a bit more. There was some cool backstory to be found about the history of the Matrix. And how awesome is Hugo Weaving? I’m definitely looking forward towards Revolutions.

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6 Comments on Matrix Revisited

  1. All the Matrix movies are good, too bad they didn’t cast someone better looking then Carrie-Anne Moss for the part of Trinity — I don’t envy Keanu one bit for having to make out with that man-butch. *shivers*

    In my usual vein, which sci-fi babe would you rather see in that role?

  2. Which vein would that be?

  3. Not to put a damper on your lifelong dream, but I recently read the odds of dating a supermodel are 88,000 to 1.

    On the positive side, though, the odds of dating a beekeeper are about 88,001 to 1.

  4. Where did you read that?

  5. In Entertainment Weekly (not that I troll entertainment magazines or anything).

    BTW, check out the handy A to Z Matrix Glossary

  6. Whoops. I remembered wrong. It’s 880,000 to 1. See here

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