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Not That I Troll MMORPG Sites…

…but check out this next game coming on Dec. 9

3 Comments on Not That I Troll MMORPG Sites…

  1. Blah,

    Another fantasy themed MMORPG. Did you look in to the game Peter? Anything cool/different about it?

  2. Yes, I looked. It’s not EQ which is very good. It skill-based, has a lot of features like SWG — properties, player townships, special moves, etc.

    Who knows if this will be good or not, only time with tell. In the meantime, maybe we can all be Bounty Hunters in SWG. If you can’t be a Jedi, why not do the next best thing: be a Jedi Killer.

  3. I know a bunch of folks who have been playing this in beta, but I am not sure this one is ready for primetime. Plus you can always play Final Fantasy – the foo foo MMORPG :p

    Personally, I am waiting for World of Warcraft…

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