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QUIZ: Hacker or Hacker?

Can you tell the difference between a computer programmer and a serial killer?

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10 Comments on QUIZ: Hacker or Hacker?

  1. what a hoot! i scored 5/10

  2. Heh, I managed 6 out of 10. It’s scary how many of the programmer types look like serial killers. I guess you do have to watch out for the quiet ones!

  3. I scored 40%. Yikes! Am I a bad judge of character, or what? Makes me wonder about the people I call friends.

  4. I did pretty good for my first time, I got 7/10

  5. I got 8-10..that was pretty easy i would take it again but i dont think it does random photos because its flash

  6. Awsome, I got 7/10…

    To the comment above, you can make dynamic content using flash, threw the use of time and varibles, setting your frames and images, heck, they could even make a whole list of photos and descriptions with out actually showing them twice…

  7. Hah! 7/10, but to be honest I guessed a lot because it was not obvious. Apparently intelligent computer geeks look a lot like serial killers. Don’t know what that says about either group.

  8. Ok…I either recognize a lot of programmers…or know WAY too much about how serial killers look…went 10/10 on the first pass (although I actually know what David Berkowitz looked like before I started the test)….

    it’s all in the eyes…

    moo hoo hoo ha haaa


  9. 8/10it’s pretty good,don’t you think


  10. Christopher // August 11, 2007 at 4:24 pm //


    David Berkowitz was easy. I might take it again, but, as someone else said, I doubt that it’s randomized.

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