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Sci-Fi Horror!

The last week or so I have been mulling around a story idea for a kind of computer geek sci-fi horror story. It goes something like this . . . A “mild-mannered” but sometimes insulting computer programmer is working on a huge software project for his company. When all of a sudden they find out some integral part of the software has gone awry (insert your favorite software gaff here). He of course is chosen as a one-man “tiger-team” to completely re-write this so-called software in time for their big release . . . putting immense pressure on him to complete this on time or some huge catastrophe ensues. What follows is a psychological torture of sorts as he strains to complete this project on time while having the weight of the company on his shoulders. From here we can go to a whole “Capricorn One” type scenario or any other type of shadow-organization trying to keep the truth from the “public”.

This part may pan out something like this – As he works towards the deadline he comes to realize that wholesale other parts of the software project are nothing but window-dressing. That the project was doomed for failure from the start, and that this high-profile mission that he has been asked to complete is nothing more but a way to set him up to take the fall for the failure of the project. While everyone else gets out unscathed. But uh-oh they know he knows – and now he knows they know he knows. Enter the cold-blooded “cleaner” (Harvey Keitel?) to come in and make it look like he had an accident so that they can blame the failure on him posthumous! Maybe too many elements from that movie Disclosure or The Net but there is only so much you can do around engineering technical computer geek types. Now that I have posted it I guess I can kiss those movie-rights goodbye.

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  1. Hmmm…this sounds disturbingly familiar…

    How about this addition: While under the extreme deadline pressure, engineer-type is harassed by some manager in someone else’s management chain prompting engineer-type to choose that manager as his first victim. Engineer-type then proceeds to berate manager with high-school-level barbs.

  2. Maybe you could title it “DHTML Hell!”.

    Thrill! to the spectale of hunt and peck typing!

    Chill! as Cascading Style Sheets don’t!

    Scream! as the lawyers get involved!


  3. While the engineer berates the manager, he gorges himself with fruit purchased from the local warehouse store. The engineer is noticeably fazzled, his mental capabilities have been reduced to three simple tasks: tapping on a keyboard, eating fruit, and muttering incoherently about people who nurture apis mellifera in an inanely nasal voice…

  4. Wait, didn’t I already star in this???

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