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The End of the World

Looks to be really hilarious. Yo!

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Has nothing interesting to say so in the interest of time, will get on with not saying it.

3 Comments on The End of the World

  1. It may be funny, but these stupid effeminate mofos certainly don’t know what they talking about!

    Why else would they confuse the Japanese with with the Chinese?

    I guess these dorks think that all Asians are the same! Morons like these need to be castrated with a dull rusty butter knife because they must not be allowed to reproduce!

  2. I agree with Peter. They’ll never date supermodels.

  3. What do supermodels have to do this? They’re just idiots — the people who made the video, not the supermodels…

    John, you need to get off this supermodel thing — methink you’re obsessed with my supposed obsession with supermodels. It’s time for some new material; just wait a day, I’ll give you something else to talk about…

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