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The Return of the Penguin

Via The Eternal Golden Braid comes word that Opus returns Nov 23! That’s this weekend! I wonder if the Chronicle will run this? Breathed is a Texan after all.

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3 Comments on The Return of the Penguin

  1. I am highly skeptical that the Chronicle will run this, but I hope so. I so miss the little penguin!!! Let us also hope his compatriots (Bill and Hodge Podge will make appearances…)

  2. Don’t forget the basselope! Gotta strap a missile on his back you know…

  3. Does this mean the Bill plush toys will make a comeback? Just in time for Christmas stockings!

    If the Chronicle doesn’t carry Opus, the Dallas Morning News will.

    When I lived in Austin, I always read the DMN and the Deadly Toxin (err, Daily Texan) instead of the Chronicle.

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