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These are great!

While reading a thread on the Bad Astronomy Bulletin Board about Weird Al (don’t ask), I saw that someone had mentioned that they liked the Star Wars Cantina song by Al. I know Al only has 2 Star Wars song (and 1 chant) so I was curious about the mentioned song. Well, I found it and a couple of other Star Wars parody songs. Check out MJD’S Intergalactic Comedy Hacienda. The parody songs are great! I haven’t watched the music video yet, buts its next….

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4 Comments on These are great!

  1. Not that you troll Star Wars sites or anything….

    Funny stuff! I liked the Carson and Hope bits. Can’t wait for the Brady Trek page.

  2. Did you go to the Lt. Sulu parody page? Hilarious. I think I woke the kids laughing at the christmas songs….

  3. Yes, I caught them, too! They are all very well done.

  4. …and speaking of Sulu

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