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Changes to Paycheck

In this weeks SciFi Weekly, Ben Affleck admits that some changes were made to his upcoming movie, Paycheck, based on Philip K. Dick’s short story of the same name.

“We’ve taken some liberities with it, obviously….”

Right. With the biggest liberty being casting Affleck as an action hero. The second liberty would be chaning the story into an action shoot-’em up. And based on what I’ve seen of the trailers, it looks like they changed what Affleck’s character was doing that precipitated a memory wipe. All in all, I’ll probably catch this one from NetFlix…

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5 Comments on Changes to Paycheck

  1. Does this make you a Dick Fanboy?

  2. I’m an anti-Affleck fanboy.

  3. At this point, the possibility of a P.K. Dick movie being faithful to a P.K. book/story is about as likely as a Stephen King movie being faithful to a Stephen King book/story. Anybody remember “Lawnmower Man” the movie vs. the story?


  4. No, there’s a “Lawnmower Man” book?

  5. I think its a short story. I’m not sure. I do know its not up to King’s usually high standard concerning page count.

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