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Do they have no shame???

And the collectable miniature games have claimed yet another victim… Star Wars and as one of the appointed Fan Boys on this Blog I must ask for a moment of silence as we scream on the inside….

Gaming Report has the awful details

6 Comments on Do they have no shame???

  1. Two things:

    1. That’s self-appointed Fan Boy. You did it yourself. Scott’s a Star Wars ‘Enthusiast’, which is almost there.

    2. Upon loading the page, what did I see blinking at me in an annoying manner? An Apegames banner ad for Anathema and Big Top! Woo hoo! Go Kevin! if only it wouldn’t blink….

    3. Three things. Looks like Lucas has sold out… I got his Star Wars miniatures right here!

  2. To clarify – I said I was “one of the appointed Fan Boys”, and if you think that there is only 1 on this BLOG – might I suggest a little reality check…

    And yes Lucas has seen the house on the hill and plans to buy it and the hill…

  3. And the county surrounding the hill….

  4. Just to be perfectly clear, when it comes to Star Wars…

    John = FanBoy (surfs the SW sites every day)

    Scott = Fan of Star Wars (never surfed a SW web site, but enjoys the movies and games)

    Tim = FanBoy (self-appointed)

    JP = Lunatic fringe (prefers SW to bathing)

  5. And Kevin is not a fan of Star Wars at all, but has seen a couple cool games in the Star Wars universe over the last couple months. The Star Wars collectible miniatures game excluded.

  6. Peter = Who’s Lucas? Isn’t he that weird kid in that submarine show with the dolphin that killed himself recently?

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