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Eye Boobies!

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5 Comments on Eye Boobies!

  1. Would someone please take the computer away from Peter? One has to wonder how the gerbil fits in with the “Its all about Peter” thing…

  2. I’ll save us all time and reply for all of us in one post:

    JP: What does this have to do with science or fiction? Oh well, maybe it will increase our traffic.

    JOHN: I’d rather have the supermodel posts. Or be reading Wil Wheaton’s blog. Or trolling the latest Star Wars site.

    PETER: Huh-huh…you said “fits in” and “Peter”.

    SCOTT: What? This is the power of the Internet…the power to express yourself in an open forum. Everyone’s a dog on the internet! Wake up and smell reality.

    RICH: I find these rants so picayune.

    KEVIN: [Silence]

  3. Wouldn’t Scott mention something about conversing on the blog instead of in person at work?

  4. Power to the people baby… If it werent for online comics and Porn the internet would be a wasteland….

  5. Actually, Kevin’s reply would be “Spam Spam Spam Spam”

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