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For those of you with multiple kids

Now you can tell who swiped the cookies with the new Discovery DNA Explorer Kit!

That’s right, with just a hair follicle you too can perform a DNA analysis in your own home! And for only $80.

Seriously though, this looks kinda neat. You can map the DNA of different organic materials, and not just the ones that come with the kit. I think we’re well on our way to the Heathkit Tokamak Reactor kit, with an eye toward the Mr. Fusion power plant….

Did I mention we had a Heathkit color TV my dad put together. We did. It was ginormous and came with a remote control…my brother and me…

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  1. I was wondering where I can pick up a centrifuge for under $100. And all I need are six D and three 9V batteries. THAT is one powerful centrifuge.

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