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Frodo Vs. Luke Skywalker

In a CNN article, Elijah Wood talks about why he doesn’t want to be “another Mark Hamill”. Ouch.

Maybe Hamill should kick some Hobbit ass. Of course, he’d probably need the help of David Caruso and Shelly Long. They could call themselves The League of Extraordinarily Bad Career Moves.

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4 Comments on Frodo Vs. Luke Skywalker

  1. It’s not like Mark Hamill’s career went over a cliff like Caruso’s. Hamill has become a successful voice actor. Just look at all the stuff he’s done as a voice actor since 1992. Sure, its not as glamorous as being a movie star, but I hardly think he’s been begging for work.

    Plus, we all know, chicks dig Jedi’s with long lightsabres….

  2. I think Caruso has a slight edge over Hamill. Caruso finally figured out that he has no real discernible talent (other than speaking in a whispering voice feigning interest/concern) and settled for a formula spin-off TV series riding on the coat-tail of the series that spun it off.

    All Hamil has now are fan-boy cons. He is forever tattooed with the “luke skywalker” stigmatta on his hind quarters with the only notable exception was his “appearance” in the Simpsons.

    While we’re on the subject of Caruso, I would like CSI: Miami so much more if they just kill that Horatio character off.

    Corrections JP: Only fat freaky fanboy chicks dig long lightsabers…

  3. Actually, Mark Hamill’s biggest asset of late has been his voice-over work. His Joker on the Batman Animated Series is fantastic. I think you ought to check IMDB. And his appearance on the Simpsons is a small footnote…

    Hell, I would love to get paid to sit around and do voices – there are worse things to do in the world…

  4. …like being a has-been dictator of a small middle eastern country with an inferiority complex toward the western world?

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