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I Wish

So, in an attempt to actually pull this blog back in a SF related direction (well Fantasy anyway), when I got home after work today, I noticed I received a beta test ID for Wish. Yes, its a fantasy setting, but I’ll give it a shot as a tester. Besides, I never received my Planetside ID so screw them. Anyway, they say that for beta, they’ll be able to handle 5000 simultaneous users on a cluster, with a goal of 10k at release. Check out the Wish Server Cluster. Its a rack of blades from the “premiere provider of high-density blade servers. . . in the industry”, Racksaver. Hmm, I wonder how they stack up, so to speak, against, say, HP?

Anyway, its a sweet looking cluster though. I wonder how they manage it? I will be posting my thoughts, except for what’s expressly forbidden by the NDA. Gameplay experiences are not, so that’s what you’ll get!

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  1. I dont know – its a nice cluster and all that, but I am probably just gonna wait for WOW – the current crop of MMORPGs are just not doing it for me…

  2. No no no. Its not a MMORPG. Its a UMMORPG. Sheesh.

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