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Review: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

REVIEW SUMMARY: Fabulous immersion into an early period of Star Wars, great depth of play, amazing graphics. This may well be the best PC game ever.


BREIF SYNOPSIS: This Star Wars game is set many years before the action of the films so don’t expect to see C-3PO – but the universe proves to be rich and engaging none the less. It is part role playing game, part adventure game, and part interactive movie. Normally this is a recipe for disaster as games rarely do them all well – but this game gets it all right. Your a Republic soldier caught up in galactic intrigue on a grand scale – and the game really brings you into this. You have multiple associates that have depth and act/behave like real people. You get to make all the critical decisions (rather than seeing them acted out in cut scenes) including whether to follow the Jedi and be on the Light side of the Force, or follow the villianous Sith and give in to your darker nature (a fact that will have me playing it again to try the other side!)


PROS: Everything about it – gameplay, graphics, sound, story, voice-acting – it has it all.

CONS: Controls can be a bit wonky – while Bioware claims it isn’t a port of the XBox version it is clear that consessions were made to the ‘lowest common denominator’ between the platforms.

BOTTOM LINE: Game of the Year, perhaps best PC game of all time.

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  1. I have to concur – I have the xbox version and I am still playing the light side path through the game. The spoken dialog and cut scenes really immerse you in the game. And I really like they chose a period where Jedi are prevalent to allow you to fully experience what I believe to be Star Wars….

  2. Unlike, say, Star Wars Galaxies maybe?

  3. Circuit City has it for $39.99 if you haven’t gotten it yet. It’s on a printed ad, but don’t expect to buy it from the Willowbrook store.

    In their infinite wisdom, they’ve decided to pack up a lot of their stuff (PC games included) during this busy holiday shopping season. I think I heard the chick working there say the other store will open on the 10th or something.

    I haven’t tried to get Best Buy to price match it yet, but I might try CompUSA first just to see if the stupid high school kid is there to tell me that CC must have it in stock for them to price-match it because I want to see him call every CC store in Houston!

    P.S.: We need to have a topic for listing stupid human tricks to play on the minimum-waged. We can set it under the Game category. Why play games on the computer when you can use live subjects…

  4. The great prophet Scott proclaims his far-sight vision once again is working. Both Computer Gaming World and PC Gamer have named SW:KOTOR as Game of the Year 2003

  5. Didn’t one also rate SW: Galaxies as one of the worst, fanboy?

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