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SW KotOR: Whew, what a ride!

Well, after pulling several all nighters, it’s done: I’ve completed my first RP computer game in, like, 5 years? Can’t say I did it all myself — I had help from Kevin, and mostly But, what a ride it was — I’m actually going to try to play it again … for the Dark Side. I was so nauseatingly good this time around that I was off the scale on the light side points.

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  1. So how long did it take you, no life boy, to finish? I only ask in the scholarly pursuit of knowledge so we can judge Scott’s claim of finishing it in 6 days fairly…

  2. The saved game had a running counter on the amount of time played and i believe it was 32hr at the last count (i need to double check). but my actual playtime is definitely much much higher since there are quite a few instances where i screwed up and forgot to save or died and had to redo. i bought the game last tuesday, so it’s safe to say that 6 days is pretty close. but i also had help from on some of the more tedious puzzles also. looking back, i think i got most of the early side quests, but i missed a lot of the side quests in the later part of the game — especially those that depended on your travelling to some planets before others to get the quests…

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