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That’s one big book!

Not Science Fiction, but still, check out the stats for Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Last Himalayan Kingdom.

Measures 5ft x 7ft when open and weighs in at 133lbs! Listed as the world’s largest book by the Guiness World Records folks. And a bargain at only $10000. Gee, that’s $5000 at Half-Price Books and John always has a 10% coupon lying around, so, for a cool $4500+tax, John could add this to his collection. Of course, at 5ft., the book is almost as tall as he is….

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2 Comments on That’s one big book!

  1. Actually, the real problem is finding a box to put it in…

  2. BTW…uh, huh-huh…Himalayan…

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