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Deep Angel

I’m not exactly sure what Deep Angel is, I think its supposed to be a near-future Earth where naval technology has jumped forward and looks real cool. They have a screenplay and appear to have a game concept ready to go. The web site looks cool and has some nice pics. Aside from that, I’d have to say this site is an impressive display of hype and vaporware….

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  1. They say right there on the site that they are trying to attract interest from parties interested in backing the concept… and what is wrong with that? The internet is the best way anyone has to display their ideas and concepts so that the whole world can potentially see it. That is exactly what I’ve done with my webtoon series STONE TREK ( and what my collaborator Jim Jenkins and I plan on doing for our new project BLACKSTAR. Nobody wants to read just a script and/or a treatment – they want to see content. If they want to make a TV show or movie (series) out of it, why bother with too much of the non-visual stuff the internet is not good for, like character development? They will eventually cast people for such a venture, so why not hook you with the visuals up front? You’re asking for too much out of them at the moment. This site is inspiration for my future projects. Hype and vaporware? Words…

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