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Everything Old School Is New Again

Which older games should be remade? Well, GameSpot has 4 articles with their candidates. I’m not necessarilly convinced these should be remade, especially the last set of 10. Granted, I never played any of those. That’s not to say I don’t agree with any of the choices.

I think Utopia is a good choice. I remember playing this with the kid down the street (he had the Intellivision, we had a crappy Magnavox Odessy). Its uncanny how much it reminds me, now, of Civilization.

DragonStrike looks kinda neat too. I seem to vaugely remember this one on the Apple ][+. Of course, Xbox has Panzer Dragoon Orta, but its a third-person perspective rail shooter.

I missed Shadow Run on the SNES, but the game world certainly sounds interesting and could use the BioWare twice-over. Heck, it could be a cool MMORPG….

I remember the Ancient Art of War being an extremely cool game. It was of the rock-paper-scissors variety of units but it was still fun. I wonder what could be done with it using todays powerful PCs…

Autoduel, how I remember playing thee. And playing and playing. A computerized version of Car Wars done to perfection. Except for, nowadays, the graphics. Imagine what could be done know. Mmmm….

The Bard’s Tale. I remember Scott getting in to this one. I never really did, but that was before I was really into computer RPGs. Well, except for Wizardry. But with the plethora of RPGs today, do we need another one? Is the world of Skara Brae worth it?

Ultima V. Sorta played it. I was getting kind of bored with all the Ultima games at that time. But a remake could be in order. Even though Ultima Online exists, a MMORPG can’t reach the level of storytelling that exists in a single player game. At least not yet.

I think the 4th installment was scraping the bottom, but I’m surprised that a couple of games I had in mind weren’t mentioned. How about:

Crush, Crumble and Chomp. Who wouldn’t want to rampage through various cities, eating civilians, crushing military vehicals and destroying buildings? And, you got to design your own monster. This one is crying out for an update. Oh yeah, it was from Epyx.

Bilestoad. The original mano-a-mano (AI) bloodfest. You could chop arms, legs and heads of in this top-down slugfest. Imagine what could be done today…

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8 Comments on Everything Old School Is New Again

  1. I’m waiting for a 100%-accurate re-make of the original Asteroids, complete with the original cheesy sound track and effects and the plain black-and-white line drawings.

    Maybe I’ve missed it and it already exists somewhere, but all of the Java “ports” that I have tried neglect to include the original sounds or try to make the asteroids look real, or do something else to depart from the original formula.

  2. Sorry for the multiple reposts. . . I got an error message and hit “reload” a couple of times to clear the screen.

  3. bah, the Amazon tags are acting up again.

  4. Ah, the memories of Friday night video game and Yoo-Hoo fests with my compadre geeks. Playing the Coleco-vision or Atari 5200 or Commodore 64. From the lists, I remember liking Archon, Smash TV (NES version) and the Ultima series.

  5. Hey John L., Try this link.

  6. I’d like the computerized version of “Ogre”, based on the classic board game (originally from Metagaming, then from Steve Jackson Games).

    Of course, I’d like it to be in color, not…errr…green and green like it was on our Apple //e. And it would be nice to expand it to have the maps and counters, etc. from the sequels, G.E.V. and Shockwave!

  7. Cool link! Any more like it? I prefer the Flash version rarther than the local emulators.

  8. Ogre, I had that too for the Apple ][+. We didn’t have one of them fancy shmancy Apple //es. Actually, I had the Ogre and GEV expansion games themselves. The ones that came in a ziplock plastic bag. Ah, those were the days.

    And for John D., that’s the only link I’ve got. In fact, my wife found that one somehow and I notcied all the games while she was busy playing Frogger. I will say the Moonpatrol version sucks.

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