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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is a new GameCube only game from Square Enix. It is an entry in the FF series, however, it looks and plays a lot like Gauntlet and isn’t a regular entry in the series.

In fact, the big draw here is the coop multiplayer mode. To play multiplayer, each person must have a GameBoy Advance and GC to GBA cable. Notice the must. On eace GBA, the screen shows you your character’s stats, inventory, a radar and, since this is a coop game, info that you must share with the others to win. This is an interesting idea, although I don’t know how well it works in practice. It is different, but I would like to see more games using this. For instance, the football games should allow the different players to select their plays and call audibles using the GBA so that the opponents can’t see what is going on. Racing games could implement the rear view mirror here, although a split-screen and inter-screen mode of play could be quite busy. It should be interesting to see what the eggheads at Ninetndo can come up with as to how to mix the GBA and GC. Then all you PS2 and Xbox loser-boys will be crying to your moms wanting a CG and CGB.

Yeah, just wait.

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2 Comments on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

  1. This is interesting news – I know Nintendo has been working very hard to ensure thier devices play well together. So I wonder how the Sony PSP will work with the PS2 or better yet the PS3…

    As to the X-box – I think MS is smoking something since the next generation will be a completely different design, and I am thinking that it wont support existing X-box titles….

    And I wont be crying to my Mom you nasty bastard… I will cry alone in the dark – like I always do…

  2. How in the world can MS expect to come out with a console that won’t play the previous generation games? Just because they got away with it as far as OSes are concerned, doesn’t mean they can in the console world. Unless of course they are trying to cement a third-place finish in the console market. I was seriously considering getting an Xbox, but not so much now.

    What happens to Tim when MS pulls this stunt? Will he cry to his Mom in the dark?

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