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In the ‘Never Would be Too Soon’ Department

Star Trek: Enterprise could be on the chopping block. IMHO I could happily live the rest of my life without anyone producing another Star Trek TV show, movie, book or Legend of Bilbo Baggins song.

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  1. What? I thought you were a fan of ST:Enterprise, annoying theme-song-with-lyrics notwithstanding.

  2. Whoops! Never mind. I thought this was posted by ST-FanBoy JP.

  3. Enterprise is a great idea. It’s got some good actors in it. I love the idea of the smaller ship, exploring for the first time, etc.

    But why the “time war” plot? Why do they constantly steal ideas from other shows, especially the original series, instead of doing new stuff?

    Sigh. What a waste. At least the Bandai model should be out before they cancel, if they cancel.

    Maybe they’d have a chance if they fired B&B and brought in somebody who respects the show a bit more.

  4. I think Fred hit the nail squarely, B&B are the reason why ST has gone downhill. When you bring in WWE wrestlers, you know you’ve run out of ideas.

    And to John, I’m not the one who watches Enterprise. I quit after 3 episodes. I think Scott has been watching it. He’s the fan boy.

  5. My only comment here is regarding Kevin’s statement about no Star Trek Never – given the current state of Sci-fi on TV (as in the lack of really good stuff series wise.) If not a Star Trek series, then what? Farscape and B5 were both fine series, but the fan base is so small that those shows would probably not be made today versus the total overload of the “real life” shows. Personally, I would live with 10 more years of quasi-good Star Trek to one more freakin reality show….

  6. How about a ST/Survivor mix? At the mid-point and end of each season, the fans get to vote for which character should be shoved out the nearest airlock?

  7. Tim, you just hit the nail on the head with that one.

    I propose a new series: The Simple Trekkie Life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie living with a Star Trek Geek. I volunteer to be that geek where I incessantly make inane comments about how they don’t understand anything about living la vida nerda…

  8. Make sure you have a set of night vision equipment.

  9. “I propose a new series: The Simple Trekkie Life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie living with a Star Trek Geek. I volunteer to be that geek where I incessantly make inane comments about how they don’t understand anything about living la vida nerda…”

    But it would only work (for me) as a series if they prance around the apartment in not much at all…

  10. I realize the light attitude here but I was being somewhat serious about this. If not Star Trek then what from a Sci Fi perspective. I find myself watching the the recent incarnation of the Outer Limits and enjoying that twist on Sci Fi – I don’t want to see quasi-soft core porn on TV. If I want porn – I will download it off the internet like everybody else.

    I live a real life all the time – I could care less about some 20 something person who gets given the chance to live in a huge house and party for 6 months – yet still have petty little issues. Next topic please!!!

  11. Tim, which SciFi series is quasi-softcore porn? BTW, how’s the porn over there in the non-oppressive part of China?

    As for night-vision equipment, I’m sure we can get the house wired up once they approve of the idea. As for the prancing part, I think that’s a given…

    PS: does anyone look at my email addresses on these postings at all?

  12. Tim was referring to your show idea as soft core. So basically, Tim would watch crap SF over no SF because its at least SF. He has a point. As long as they don’t fall to the level of Attack of the the Eye Creatures or Pod People(It stinks!), we should be ok.

  13. I think we all agree that much of the TV sf is not worth watching.

    But what is worth watching? For me, these are:

  14. The Outer Limits (the 90’s version) – Good stories, good writing, decent casting…what more can you ask for? Particularly memorable for me were the “I, Robot” episode (starring Leonard Nimoy and based on the Eando Binder novel Adam Link, Robot. [TRIVIA: Eando Binder is the pseudonym used by brothers Earl and Otto Binder. Get it? Eando = E & O. Those rascals!] Another memorable episode was The Sandkings based on the short story by George R.R. Martin.
  15. Stargate SG1 – There are some really fine episodes and they use humor effectively. I could do without the Egyptian mythology stuff, though.
  16. Twilight Zone (original B&W version) – Again, there were some really cool things that they were doing back then. I think those episodes still hold up well and give a lot of current TV sf a run for their money. Richard Matheson (I Am Legend) wrote several episodes. Also, the excellent short story It’s a GOOD Life, written by Jerome Bixby, was done with a young Billy Mumy wishing people into the cornfield. Ah, those were good times.
  • The few episodes of the new Outer Limits I’ve seen did not impress me. I’m a fan of the original (and saw it when it was first broadcast). I’ll try it again, though.

    I’ve enjoyed Stargate, but can’t figure out “Ski-Fi Channel’s” broadcast schedule. New episodes, months of repeats, new episodes…whoops, I’ve missed it again.

    Much of my viewing is on DVD now. I’ve got Firefly, the first season of B5, etc. If I ever start buying Star Trek DVD’s I’ll be set for a good long time!

    Sure I’d like to see more SF on TV. On the other hand, I’m watching less and less TV. True, I’m on the internet more–but, more importantly, I’m reading more and more. Back to the basics.

  • Books!? You’re a rebel Fred!

    The last SF related series that I watched every week during its broadcast run, was Babylon 5. Since then, not much has grabbed me. Not Farscape, not SG-1, nothing. I do remember the good old days where I would stay up late to catch UFO or Space 1999 re-runs (and they were good then!). I also had to watch each Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rodgers episode too. That’s one bad thing about growing up, your standards increase…

    I’m not sure what the next big SF show will be. I thought Firefly could be that show, but it didn’t happen. I think it didn’t have enough SF elements (laser guns, alien aliens, etc) to appeal to the masses. Plus the fact that it was basically a western in space probably threw a few people.

    Maybe since we’re mostly literate guys, we expect too much from a SF show. I’d like to see something like The Golden Age as a TV show. Something with vision and gobs of cool stuff.

    Oh, there is one SF related show that I catch every episode when it becomes available. Too bad its on Japanes TV. Its called Planetes. Check out my shelf on the sidebar for a link. I’ll be posting more about it later.

  • Although I’m not surprised to see people bash the theme song – I don’t even hear it anymore as I fast forward past it on my Tivo – I doubt you’ve seen an episode recently if you’re still slamming it. The current episodes are above average for Star Trek (all series) in my opinion. There aren’t any children in it, it isn’t Gilligan’s Island in Space, and it isn’t a rehash of Babylon 5. Aside: I don’t remember any recurring plot at all in the old ST – Fred, I’m not sure what you are referring to (perhaps you mean the idea of time travel?)

    I think people have an overrated opinion of how the other series went. As a rule, this show IS NOT as well written as the best dramas on TV – but then Star Trek never has been. Futurama referred to the old series with the line ’78 episodes, 30 of which were any good.’ TNG had Wesley ‘I banged Naomi Judd’ Crusher and the tired deus ex machina of Q (although admittedly the TNG group did have probably the most talented actors – Stewart, Frakes, Delancie, Spiner, Burton, and several others.) DSN was probably the worst written of all the series – the A writers weren’t on this project. Voyager had some good plots, but really suffered from the Gilligan syndrome (sadly Voyager jumped the shark very early into its first season) despite having Robert Picardo (the doctor) who was clearly the best actor on the show.

    ST: Enterprise was pretty tame in the first season (semi-nude scenes of Jolene Blalock not withstanding) – although the Vulcan plot interaction was well done – but has totally kicked it up a notch in season three. I was afraid this attempt to locate the Zindi would turn into another Voyager-like action but it didn’t – it’s turned out to make the show much tougher and the uber-plot helps out quite a bit. I really like what they’ve done with the Captain Archer character (he’s had to make tough choices such as torturing an enemy) – they just need to extend this to the rest of the crew.

  • “Aside: I don’t remember any recurring plot at all in the old ST – Fred, I’m not sure what you are referring to (perhaps you mean the idea of time travel?)”

    That’s not what I said, so perhaps you are confusing me with somebody else.

    What irritates me with the show–other than the “temporal cold war” (snore) idea are the times when they have lifted something that occured for the first time in “Star Trek: The Old Series” (ST Mark 1.0) and rehash the history again and again.

    For example, the Romulans. We see them for the first time–but there were battles before they were seen–in the original series. Whoops, no we didn’t, we saw them for the first time on “Enterprise” and just erased the records, I guess.

    Space is big. Really big. So why can’t we come up with original stories?

    I’ll agree that for the most part this current season is better than the previous two. I still find a lot to complain about. It constantly gets **so close** to being great, only to fall away.

    For example, the episode that was on tonight. I would have loved to have this whole “temporal cold war” junked in the first season. They could have concentrated on how the Federation was built. The relationship that Archer has with the Andorians could have been explored for a couple of episodes. Then we could have had Archer laying the foundations of the Federation by doing a multi-part episode where he brings peace to both races and wins the respect of the Vulcans that maybe humans are worth something after all…

    Oddly enough, by the way, I **like** the theme song! And the opening credits (I have no Tivo!). Showing all that aviation and space history–the sense of being on the frontier, etc.–that should be the thrust of the show–not the constant stealing of other ST plots and furthering muddying of the waters of “canon”.

    Gee, do I sound like a raving fanboy or what?

  • Scott, Fred said this:

    But why the “time war” plot? Why do they constantly steal ideas from other shows, especially the original series, instead of doing new stuff? which I think you took to mean a recurring plot in ST:TOS. In actuallity, Fred was referring to recurring plot elements, namely the lame use of time travel. I think every iteration of the ST:The TV Franchise has used time travel. Certainly, Enterprise has the temporal cold war as a central theme and is one of the reasons that immediately cast doubt upon it in my view. BTW, if you like the open of Enterprise, the Planetes anime show I mentioned in another comments thread has an opening that is very similar to Enterprise’s, only without the lame song. Their song is much better, even if it is sung in Japanese.

  • You got it JP – Fred, I equated the comment about time war to the next question about stealing from the old series – my bad, you didn’t mean it that way.

    I’m also not a big fan of the time war plot. It gives the writers the same Q-like entities that annoyed me in TNG – the deus ex machina effect that just doesn’t come off well today (but then, did it ever?)

    However, I like tonight’s episode for the same reasons I’m enjoying this season so far – everybody on the Enterprise isn’t ‘playing nice.’ The Xindi plot is much better than the time war plot and I think drives the season along. I know the studios don’t like these plots though because it makes it hard for people who miss an episode to come back to the show. The economics are out there.

    I’m not a fan of B&B, but I have to admit that Rick Berman did a great job with (some of) the films. Maybe he just needs to stay away from TV.

    That said, producing a quality show (or film, or song, or …) is hard – look at all the money and talent that create shows that completely fail (Greg the Bunny, for example :).

  • It appears that we may not be entering a dry gulch if Enterprise gets cancelled, BTW. I posted a note on my blog about a show coming on USA about alien kidnap victims being returned to earth. It’s created by one of the folks who brought you the “new” Outer Limits.

  • I smell a link coming!

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