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Known Space now in Flash

N-Space Exploring Larry Niven’s Universe is a cool site dedicated to Niven’s Known Space work and Ringworld. The author has definately put a lot of effort into the site, and it shows. Really cool. I now have a hankerin’ to re-read the Known Space stories….

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3 Comments on Known Space now in Flash

  1. Known Space kicks butt – its great hard sci-fi, if a bit short on deep characters.

  2. Bah, hard SF is all about the cool stuff, not deep characters. Besides, Known Space is mostly short stories, so little chance to develop characters. Unless I’m wrong…

  3. The “Long Shot” animation is quite cool.

    Are you subbed to the Larry Niven mailing list? He even makes appearances on the list from time to time.

    Here is the subscription site:

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