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New SF TV Show

Via Fred at EternalGoldenBraid, 4400 is a new SF show going in to production on USA. It tells the story of 4400 UFO abductees who are mysteriously returned to Earth and how they, and their families, cope with the event. Just from reading the stories (the other one is here), I get a Taken/X-Files vibe from it. And the fact that they some will have mysterious abilities sounds a lot like, again, the Rising Stars comics. Actually, it looks to me like the SF elements will be downplayed with an emphasis on characters. Not necesarily a bad thing, but the show isn’t what I would consider a true SF show, more of a SciFantasy.

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  1. Well, i’ve just watched the first 5 episodes and I think its excellant can’t wiat untill i can watch some more.

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