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6 Comments on One DVD To Rule Them All

  1. Does anyone know the plans for the box set of all 2 films? That’s what I’m waiting for. But I would hate to get the box set only to find out that the “utimate super platinum anniversary extended majumbo” edition is released 3 months later. That whole marketing re-re-release stuff ticks me off. Are you listening, George Lucas and Disney Studios?

  2. Well…

    (1) Given the quality of the movie, five hours is not too much! But that’s one raving fanboy’s opinion (I was a JRRT faving fanboy well before the term was invented).

    (2) Five hours could be the movie, or the movie plus the odds and ends. I’m working my way through “Fellowship” again and just found a whole pile of things I overlooked the first time through. Can’t wait to start working through the extended “Towers”.

    (3) As for a super-box edition. Yep, we’ll probably see it. About a year after “Extended Return” comes out, they’ll announce that they found a whole bunch more footage and they are reworking all three movies…

    …and I’ll be among the first to order it…

    Yep, what’s the deal with Lucas & Co. When the heck are we going to see the first SW trilogy on DVD? At this rate, what, never?

  3. Not that I troll Star Wars websites or anything, but the last I heard was a November 4, 2004 release date for the Episodes 4-6 trilogy.

  4. Ladies and gentleman, I give you John, the raving Star Wars fanboy. At least being a JRRT fanboy has literary merit.

    I have both the extended editions, haven’t watched either yet. Finding the time is the problem since I don’t like to quit in the middle to do things like, say, sleep.

  5. I prefer the term “Star Wars Enthusiast”, a title to which only Scott may lay official claim.

    So there.

  6. I can’t wait for the extended edition of Return. So far I’ve enjoyed the extended editions of all the others (although I’m not sure the Two Towers extra scenes added that much – Fellowship was great though.) I admit I haven’t seen all the extra stuff though – just the documentary on Fellowship about the making of it – and that ran 2 hours long I think. There is a similar on on Two Towers I haven’t yet seen (so many good things to watch / play / read, so little time.)

    I would also have to fess up to being a LotR fanboy.

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