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Prime Time for Ultraprime

Get ready for a new TV viewing and gaming experience. Ultraprime will soon be producing “The Evolvers“, the “first television show created specifically to be part of an online game”. It promises “opportunities to participate in the show and potentially affect the storyline as the show is being broadcast.”

Sounds interesting. There was that one time I channel-surfed past The Simple Life and wanted to smack Paris Hilton upside the head with a really hardcore frying pan. Will the game let me do that?

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6 Comments on Prime Time for Ultraprime

  1. Hmm, sounds kinda cool. Too bad the last News item is dated 2/15/02. Almost two years ago! They, and John, must have a different definition of the word soon…

  2. Whoops. My bad. Can I still slap Paris?

  3. Is it me, or is the music on their site really annoying. I didnt know about the 2 year old datedness, and all the text was marketing gobblety-goop!

  4. John, if you slap her ass, that can be turned a show on its own probably on Cinemax. But if you just slap her around, that would be a show for TNN or CourTV…

  5. Useful tip. Thanks, Pete.

  6. I just finished reading this frying pan fucker’s entry. All I have to say is “Calm the fuck down!” If LotR:TT is the greatest movie to you, insomuch as to buy two copies or two versions, I also have this to say “Get a fucking life!”

    For this fuckwit (dare I borrow his term?) who is supposedly a “clueletarian,” he fucking needs to stop swearing long enough to learn the fucking language. I’m fucking tired of people writing shit like “DVD’s” for the plural of “DVD.” Hey fuckwad (you can borrow this one from me), what the fuck were you talking about — “…go buy the damn DVD’s…” The DVD’s what? The DVD’s fucking dyslexic illiterate angry blogging owner?

    Oh and on a different note, has anyone checked out this fucker’s profile on Under “Friends:”, it said “None listed.” Oh fucking A, what a surprise! He’s probably too busy jerking himself off to his Two Tower DVDs (correct use) to go out to make some friends! When he’s done kicking others in the nuts, he can come over and suck mine!

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