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Red vs. Blue

Red vs Blue is a website that is creating a machinima series based on Halo. The two episodes up right now are very funny. I’d download the others, but they’re on FilePlanet and FP sucks for downloading, what with the 20 minute waits and all.

I think I need to get Halo…

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8 Comments on Red vs. Blue

  1. Convienently for you JP – I have them on a machine at work. I will drop you an email with the file share location and then you can enjoy all the RvB crunchy goodness – I have enjoyed this entire series….

  2. Mmm, crunchy goodness.

    Aren’t you still in Taipei?

  3. I am – but my main machine is not… So I have sent you the link….

  4. Those are good (I checked out eps. 20 through 22).

    Definitely get Halo, but only if you have some time to spare (or can live in a sleep-deprived state for a couple of weeks).

    Having beaten it on all the easier settings, I am now about 85% of the way through on the insanely difficult (Legendary) setting.

    This game is as addictive as Civilization II, even though one is an FPS and the other is a god-strategy-game.

  5. I consider myself a FPS fanboy. I love them – may not be the best at playing them – but they are fun. Halo was on my list of must have games – then it finally was available on the PC and I was not all that impressed. I am sorry – its challenging, but the lack of save anywhere and the simple fact its a direct port from X-box left me feeling sad… Half-life is probably still one of my all time favorite FPS games (except for the big floaty head part.)

  6. Damn Microsoft and their Xbox! Why, why must we have ports of a console game for the PC? Especially a FPS? We all know a keyboard and mouse rules uber alle! MS, stop the console insanity!

  7. Halo summary:

    Fight guys in room layout A – go down corridor A (turn right, turn left, turn right)

    Fight guys in room layout B – go down corridor B (turn right, turn left, turn right)

    Fight guys in room layout A again – wait, wasn’t I just here? go down corridor A – uh, I know I was just here, right?

    Fight guys in room layout B – ok wtf, this room looks exectly like the two previous rooms back there

    Fight guys in room layout A – ok this is just sloppy…

  8. I haven’t played Halo on PC, only on Xbox. I know FPS afficionados think the mouse/keyboard combo is perfect for the genre, but I rather like the two-trigger, two-joystick, force-feedback controller on Xbox for this particular game.

    Sure, I could probably handle the sniper rifle better if I could aim with a mouse, but part of the fun of this game for me is the hands-on feel of the controller.

    I understand that, in addition to milking the last bit of video/rendering performance out of the Xbox console, Halo 2 is working on making all of the maps less repetitive. I am eagerly awaiting that release, and will gladly pony up the $50 when the time comes.

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