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Sure, we’re all Geeks, but how much of one?

I scored a 33.7% on The Geek Test. Really, any more than that is just plain scary. You should get out more.

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5 Comments on Sure, we’re all Geeks, but how much of one?

  1. 35.7%. Mostly because of the heavy gaming, I think. I’m thinking items like SCA membership are weighted a little more heavily than, say, wearing glasses.

  2. Losers…I scored 37.27811% – Major Geek. Hah! Who’s laughing now?

  3. I’m not laughing. As I said, you guys are scary. But we already knew that.

  4. What a bunch of losers you are – I am only at: 31.55819% – Total Geek

    Ha!!! I am so less geeky than you….

  5. 33.92505% – Total Geek

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