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Take that Tivo!

Malata is going to release the Diva personal digital video recorder. The cool things:

1. Records to .WMA files so less space is used for each recording. I know, WMA. But let’s face it. Its not like regular NTSC is some high-fidelity protocol. You’re not losing much to go to WMA.

2. You can stream movies from the Internet to your TV. Ok, whatever.

3. The high-end unit has a DVD-R built in. Nice. Tivo? Hello?

The press release seems to repeat itself several times, coming dangerously close to being content free. But this sounds cool. I really like the ability to archive off to DVD-R.

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1 Comment on Take that Tivo!

  1. Uh, did you miss that there is a Tivo with DVD-R already? It was released months ago.

    And it doesn’t seem that the DIVA includes a hard drive – you have to record to DVD or CD.

    Finally – what, exactly, do you want to archive to DVD? I have yet to ever archive anything off my Tivo to any medium.

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