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The Internet Review Of Science Fiction

The Internet Review of Science Fiction is a new webzine concentrating on critiques, discussions and reviews of SF. Their first issue came out today.

Its not bad for a start. There is an interesting essay on The Book of the New Sun that attempts to uncover the mysterious commotion that occurs at the Piteous Gate at the end of Shadow of the Torturer. Borski, the author, gives his view and then goes in to great detail explaining why he reached his conclusion, and give numerous supporting quotes from the books. I’ve read the books twice, and never caught on to the most of the stuff mentioned here.

There’s also an interesting article discussing Peter Jackson’s character changes in The Lord of the Rings movies. Garcia argues that Jackson made an effort to change the characters, in part, to amerliorate some of the criticism leveled at Tolkien from such people as Mieville and Moorcock. Reading excerpts of their critiques, it reminded me of the discussion we had about one particular ‘review’ of John C. Wright’s The Golden Age. It seemed to me that Mievielle and Moorcock (again, just for John) were attacking Tolkien more than the books themselves. However, I also agree to some extent that the changes made to the characters worked in the context of film.

Lastly, there are two shorter articles, one covering, lightly, the post-apocalyptic genre and the other with thoughts on what the most interesting short fiction stories of 2003 were. Of those mentioned, I have read ‘Cookie Monster’ by Vernor Vinge, and I thought it was a great piece of work. Part mystery, part SF and all engrossing.

In the future, the Review will be pay to read ($12/year or $1/issue). However, from now until June, you can sign up for a year free. I did, you should too. I also added a link to the blog roll.

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  1. Thanks for the speedy review of the Review! Glad you found some stuff of interest.

  2. Its Science Fiction, it doesn’t have to work too hard to be interesting. Unless its a re-hash of an old Star Trek Episode!

  3. Wow – that discussion of New Sun is great – although I admit I guess I’m not cut out for reading that in-depth SCI-FI. You have to work hard at reading a Gene Wolfe book that’s for sure.

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