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Watch PDA?

Tech news Yahoo! reported that Fossil has delayed availability of its wrist-watch PDA based on the Palm OS. That is interesting – I remember this from a while back (2002 it turns out) but didn’t think that was a big deal – having to sync my watch sounds kind of lame.

But, that took me to MSN Direct. At first I was turned off by the $10/month fee (or $5/month paid a year in advance), but then I started thinking (always dangerous for me) about how cool it would be to have the current local weather forcast on my watch all the time. News wouldn’t be bad either. The thing suddenly sounded a bit more interesting.

And while at first this seemed like the alpha pager I got rid of a year or so ago, the fact that it is on my wrist would make it much easier to handle. I have a watch today, it just can’t do all that this can do. Of course, my current watch is solar powered and hasn’t ever needed a battery or even downtime to recharge – something this watch does need (every 2-4 days.)

Much like satellite radio it needs good content to make it work. The watch styles available are also pretty poor – that needs some work too. The technology seems promising though.

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  1. I have seen the Fossil Pocket PC companion watch and its experience is less than stellar. The new Fossils linked in that article were announced last year and use FM channels to sync content on the device. They are somewhat intriguing but I just dont need that level of connectivity – especially considering I can probably get the same information on a cell phone as part of my standard subscription without paying another monthly fee….

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