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An Adult Magazine?

Via Fantastica Daily, Adult magazine part of school fundraiser is a report on a certain ‘adult’ magazine purchased through a, presumably junior high, school fundraiser. The ‘adult’ magazin in question? Why its Asimov’s Science Fiction. Yup, an ‘adult’ magazine.

Let’s start at the top shall we? Calling Asimov’s an adult magazine to me implies equating Asimov’s with oh, say, Playboy or Penthouse, etc. The only reason to use the headline they did is to push this meme on its readers. Asimov’s does have content geared toward mature readers, but that doesn’t make it an ‘adult’ magazine. From the story:

“So you can imagine a Grandville mom’s surprise when her daughter was able to order a magazine full of sexual content.”

Chock full? I didn’t realize Asimov’s had become the next repository for letters to Penthouse. Maybe I missed the edition where Asimov’s arrives in the mail in a plain, brown wrapper. Maybe the reporter ought to actually read an issue before taking the word of the mother. We know the reporter didn’t read it because (s)he admits as much later on. And we never get to know which issue of Asimov’s caused the problems. I’d like to know.

and from the outside cover, doesn’t look like an “adults-only” publication. But open it up and you will find it is.

Again, it is? The continued use of the word ‘adult’ seems to be used connote x-rated materiel with the express intent to rouse the anger of parents against Asimov’s. I’ve recently read two issues of Asimovs’s and I must have missed the pictorials on “Robot Secretaries” or the expose “Rocketships: Fast or Phallic?”.

“Becker read some of the explicit tales about sex, drugs and molestation inside the magazine for us…”

The reporter here as much as says (s)he never read the magazine nor tried to find other issues to see if the ‘strong, adult content’ is a recurring issue. Again, the two I read, I don’t remember being chock full of nuts, so to speak. I don’t remember any sex or even allusions to it.

Is Asimov’s target audience 13-year old girls? No. Should parents read the magazines their 13-years old purchase? Absolutely. And when the parents find objectionable material, they should take steps to keep their children from reading it. However, one issue doesn’t make Asimov’s an ‘adult’ magazine. And I suspect that there was only one story in the issue in question that raised the ire of the parent. But again, no one bothered to follow up on that.

I guess I’m just hacked that the reported in question is obviously trying to equate Asimov’s with smut when anyone who bothered to read more than one story would see that it isn’t. SF in general, and Asimov’s in particular, deals with mature subjects. That makes it a magazine geared toward adults. The phrase ‘adult magazine’ has the wrong connotation for Asimov’s, but I suspect it was used to imply SF = smut.

And does anyone else find it humorous that the TV station that ran this article is called “WoodTV”?

Update: here is a link to a TV report on the story.

Just a quick observation on the report. I saw on the shelf. I’m not sure that’s 13-year old appropriate. Secondly, I think I saw 3 bookmarks in the magazine. I guess 3 pages with objectionable material equals ‘full of adult content’. I’m going to try and find this issue now. I can probably find it on Fictionwise if no where else. Let’s hope this mother never reads the beginning of Steel Beach, she’d probably start speaking tongues just before experience spontaneous human combustion.

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4 Comments on An Adult Magazine?

  1. I guess that mother never read a issue of Time, Newsweek, or watched the evening news, or watched most network or cable TV.

    The news magazines would be definately defined as “adult” material, given all the sex, etc., found in them!

    I read Asimov’s sporadically. Yes, there are occasional adult situations, but I thought that reporter was a bit off base with the characterizations!

  2. She’s so far off base, the left fielder could pick her off…

  3. <Chandler>Too…many…replies…</Chandler>

  4. If Asimov’s were porn, I’d be a subscriber.
  5. I noticed Chindi on the shelf as well. I’m in the middle of it now. I’d read it faster, but it makes me so hot, I can only read a little at a time.
  6. If she thinks Asimov’s is bad, she should get a load of Analog
  7. OK, that last one was over the line.

    I can understand a parent’s desire to protect her child, but it seems the problem has been rectified. Can the news stop slamming an otherwise enjoyable mag? There’s not a whole lot of sf mags as it is.

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